the Right Rev Colby Jack yeah, verily i say unto thee that if you are not gouda in the things you do a muenster from the depths of gruyere shall grate upon thee as it did when the fierce guns_of_provolone bleu through the valley of the limburger

somebody pass the offertory_fondue
paste! edam you to hell! how could thou sleight parmigiano? pepper_jack_palance shall be tracking you through that same valley of the limburger into the swiss wisps and upon ricotta plateau and across the gorgonzola gorge up to mt. mozzarella and down into neufchatel flats and through the havarti praries and so on, cheesily.

yep, he'll get your jarlsburgh wrapped up in stilton.

oh and FYI: the mozzarella derby is stacked with fine longhorns; it'll brie a feta finish.
neufchatelevangelist and so it was that Asadero begat De Chivo and De Chivo begat Ranchero until the tortilla_of_eternal_damnation was set loose from its comal and they all three were melted and became the holy_threefold_quesadilla 021016
iron sausage viva velveeta! 021016
Dafremen Cheezus H Sliced.
I think you got em all.
Rhin i love feta cheese! ok, cut the cheese talk already. it's making me cry. 021125
butthead uhh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh, you said "cut the cheese" 021125
gillyweed29 the cheese is not what must be cut but the imperialist anti-demonstartions of your mom

pantolisis is nothing untiil procreation is moniterd in the mines of todays youth! Damn rituilistic taboos of milten-bradlies neo-fashist generation of teenage foot soldiers!......................
Screw twister! and ya know what. screw manopoly too!
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