unhinged no white down_comforter or sheets for me
knee high wool socks when it's cold
buy bulk from my favorite coffee shop instead of paying $2 a cup
use my 'purse' when i make small purchases instead of taking one of their bags

now if only i could learn how to be more practical with my heart. now that i mention it though, i haven't given my heart away to any undeservings in years. sometimes i really do miss the thrill, but over all it's a much more stable way to live my life. (the libra in me really does miss it though; the whole thing where my heart flops over, up, tries to get out through my throat)
hsg your heart is not a plastic_bag.

flowers do_not conserve their seeds.

by conserving painful ideas we practice_dying.

systems th@'re meant to function work best @ play.
what's it to you?
who go