me will you sherry a bit of your port with me? 980827
jade ...safe harbor for the ship; rest for the voyager. 980905
pat sajaks ghost dafluwqeojflasuoewqjfadsoipwqjefads?
let's mine the harbor
sab five bucks
five bucks for this contentment
five bucks to make all the other shit
go away

five buchks

what a fucking bargain

Bring It On
minnesota_chris mmm, my favorite wine is now $5 (American, not your funny little cut rate dollars) for a liter and a half. Yummy stuff. 040727
pete We tried to get to the Warsaw caves, and instead ended up in Port Hope, a hundred or so kilometres to the south, on the coast of Lake Ontario.... 040727
what's it to you?
who go