mad madame mim He's delighted to love me, but you know,
I just don't know what to say to him. I just don't know.

Heard it on the radio, it's no good
Heard it on the radio, it's news to me
When she gets something, it's understood
Baby's got somethin' she's not used to

Down, down, poppy, yeah
Down, down, poppy, yeah

Goin' on the corner, I'm gonna score
Baby wants somethin', she's in the mood to
Baby wants somethin', I want more
When I don't get it, I get blue, blue

Down, down, and it's really comin', really comin',
Down, down, poppy, yeah

Goin' on the corner, I'm gonna score
Baby's got somethin', gonna get through, through
When I want somethin' I want more,
Heard it on the radio, there's nothin' I can do do

I'm in the mood to And I'm a woman and an individual And I want rockin' real slow I wanna hear it
on the radio I wanna hear it, I wanna score (poppies) I wanna hear it on the radio Baby got it but
baby want more
On the radio, heard it on the radio
Baby got it but baby want more
Heard it on the radio Won't be no need for layin' in the road Tonight I'm goin' out, oh yeah Baby got
it but baby want more She won't need it any more [babble]
Although she was tense and lean in the sun Splintered like a country
Gently pulled his finger
Everything is soakin' and spread with butter
Their flowers on an average [on the seed?]

And then they laid her on the table
She connected with the inhaler
And the needle shiftin' like crazy,
She was, she was completely still.
It was like a painting of a vase,
She just lay there and the gas traveled fast
Through the dorsal spine and down and around
(I want more)
The anal cavity, her cranium
(I wanna score)
Just, it was really great, man,
The gas had inflicted her entire spine
With the elements of a voluptuous disease
With a green vapor, made her feet light

Baby want more

Baby was it in the closet.
Baby get it there, baby tag it,
Baby got it and baby begged for it, baby

I don't think (after station) there's any station
(I remember when)
Quite as interesting to me
(baby worship something)
As the 12th station
(laughin' at the flowers)
I tuned in (to the tower) too many centuries
Were calling to me
And I spin, come down thru time
Oh, watch them say you're too high

And I swim through

Hear it on the radio, goddamn in my radio,
Hear it on the radio, hear it on the radio
one long ecstatic pure sensation
restriction started excreting, started excreting, ah exhilarating
bottomless pit

Hey Sheba, hey Salome, hey Venus eclipsin' my way ah.
Her vessel, every woman is a vessel, is evasive, is aquatic.
Everyone, silver ecstatic, platinum disk spinning
lotusflower how bout puppies? 000213
oh pee um are god's gift to mankind and should be revered as the flower of life,
not abused and mutilated for the white powdered heroin
but respected as the medicinal giver of a substance that can end your pain, remove your sadness and ease your dreams
(papaver somniferum)
oh pee um ps.
i grow my own.
demitria monde thraam Dorothy and Toto were hypnotized by a field of them...and she almost never reached the Emerald City of Oz.

But maybe the poppy field was the best place to be in the whole story. Sure beats a put-on of illusion by the man behind the curtain.

And it sure the hell beats Kansas.
*Ziima* opium...hmmm...
that movie was all about drugs. just like Alice in Wonderland.
nanny poppies.........poppies......... hmmmmmmmmm 011011
Aimee poppies will make them sleep... sleep... now they'll sleep... 011011
unhinged beautiful wonderful opiates 011011
TalviFatin O' Keefe 011011
Rhohypnol A million poppies gonna make me sleep 130111
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