User24 just a response to


which I think everyone this side of Jupiter has clicked on, I was just wondering if the reverse effect would happen; that is, that no-one would read this?
critic No, we all read it, but no one else would respond. 030622
User24 I see. 030622
endless desire hey, i was automatically drawn to it. but don't worry, everyone clicked on mine and didn't respond either. actually, i was just a youngin and i was scared out of mind because people got all huffy about the fact that it's been done before. yeah. i didn't make anymore experiments after that one, that's for sure. but yes, user24, i read it. and yes, i am sure plenty of other people did also. ((lame)) 030622
pobodys nerfect You were polite and said "please",so of course I looked. :) 030622
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