a blather wanderer I bought a guitar a few months ago and I really want to learn how to play, but I think my hands may be too small because I can't play the F major cord. Sometimes it makes terrible sounds and I get really frustruated. I think it may be the guitar. I bought it at a pawn shop for 60 dollars and it's pretty dusty. I'm wondering if I may be able to play these difficult cords better with a better guitar. I taught myself how to play with a book on music theory and the complete idiots guide to playing the guitar. These past few days I've been hooked on it because I've been able to switch from one chord to another alot easier, but I had to take a break because my fingers are hurting too much. I never thought it would be so hard to play it. But I have noticed a big improvement and I'm familiar with alot more terms than when I first started. I'll be playing my own solos before I even know it. 040428
minnesota_chris try different guitars. You can go to a guitar store and just pick them up off the wall and start strumming. They'll yell at you if you don't cover up your belt buckle, because it will scratch up the back.

Barre chords (like your F) are hard to play, not everyone masters them. All the good players do, though, I think.

Practice, practice, practice.
pipers i've had clarissa for a few months now (named after mrs.dalloway...'poor mrs. dalloway, forever giving parties to cover up the silvence') and i can't play ANYthing except for a little bit of 'annie's song' and A, E and E minor and something that sounds pretty when i strum lol but its so aNNOYING i want to sound great and i won't unless i practise :( and i dont. grrah. i want to sound great real fast. 040429
minnesota_chris buy a guitar stand and a music stand, and a book of songs with chord fingerings in them. If you make it really easy to pick up and play, you do it a lot lot more.

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