playing in rain and mud?

i played in a hurricane once
[{that} was fun]

[snatched from some storm or another]
Mahayana [i only told yOu .5 of the story]
[{i havent discovered the rest}]
bethany summer camp and i dont remember his name
but i was 15 and he was a senior
and hot

everyone was in the dining hall because of the downpour
surely they wouldn't notice 2 missing of hundreds of teenagers
we ran up to his cabin
pulled back the heavy musty canvas curtains
he pulled out dry clothes for me
even had a bra my size, said he got it at a party before he came
we made out until the rain let up
and joined the rest of the smokers at the smoking rock
they thought we were there the whole time

that was my best rain story ever

still cant find the wet sneakers i hung out to dry in his tent
they're prolly his idea of a souvenier as i didn't give him my bra
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