hsg continuous_health
is soul wise being
ready to say
yes to

if you don't play with
it will play with you
like a puppy licking your face
when you're sleeping you'resting
becoming_ready to be
all_ways_ready to try
to tire again is a dream
unhinged i do these things at work on a regular basis. and while teaching has it's tediums, there is at least one moment every day that i realize i'm blessed to spread my love of the violin and music to kids. and adults for that matter. 090115
Ouroboros and through all those things the awareness of my breath, the beating of my heart, the constant now and now and now 090116
gs4 is now still in motion? 090117
hsg health_physical is summed by
health_mental is summed by
health_spiritual is summed by
hsg koshare_indians 091003
hsg Laughter cleanses the spirit so that the mind learns how to allow the body to play again. 091003
In_Bloom Laugh some more to balance out the fear and pain from learning 091003
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