moonshine Lol...remember the time you picked me up off the carpet? I was staring to closely, you were playing video games. It was my birthday and I told everyone you were my brother. The rave was gone. all that was left was nickel and dimes and i butterfly patch i found. The bowling pins sounded like popcorn. I was wearing a beaver on my head. My face was streaked blue....or the time, that fat man almost fell on you at that show? Sepultara. How we laughed afterwords. How i pulled you out from under him right before he pinned you. Or the time you pulled the blankets off your girlfriend and made her blush. I always hated that stuffed iguana. You brought me a coconut moneky from Brazil. You sat in bed with me on New years eve. I stole back the floyd cd i gave you for christmas, and you banged on my door. 000602
florescent light Let me give you a massage...

You creep
have you not enough guts to say that you like me insead of using cheap scummy pick-up lines.

And then to go ahead the next week and use them on my best friend.
And then to brag about it

Strinctly platonic.

go fuck off
unhinged this is not at all what we are, but you are still too afraid to admit what you are to yourself. you still go to the dick even though you hate men but you sleep in my bed and grab me tight in the middle of the night. i know. i've heard the speech. sex is meaningless to you. so what am i supposed to think? that your need for sex surpasses every other need? i'm not going to sleep better at all without you in my bed. maybe you can turn away like that. 010422
^^ i told myself tt our relationship wuz purely platonic. nothing more. to the world, and to u, we were juz 'brother and sister' though not biologically or by adoption or anything. it wuz juz a nickname we gave each other. my brother. how i ache to call u tt now... it's been so long since i've seen u. too long. how haf u been? r u all right? how are things wif [though it kills my heart to say her name] karen? i could be so much better to u den she'll ever be.... 010422
unhinged platonic making out is the best 011112
sphinxradio you know i love you like a brother. 011112
zenfishsticks as we wait
for love to knock down the door
for our parade of elephants to arrive
for the blueness of the sky to swallow us whole
for you to find your
for me to find mine

so we wait
curled together
my face in your neck
your face in my hair
and dream of true love

the only way to survive a lack of love
is by having other types of love.
you are my link to what is missing.

but please
don't fall
in love
before me.
plumbrook i wonder if plato had a beard?

or was he one of those weird looking guys who shaved off part of their facial hair for no apparent reason?
(maybe it was to prove they were secure enough in their opinions of themselves that they could afford to look unattractive)
or am i thinking of those biblical epics from the technicolor era?
ah, those were the days. not that i was alive then. but you know, anytime you can make millions by putting bedsheets and plaster of paris in different configurations while people talk with fake accents, it can't be all bad, right?

maybe plato was a mean old man, but retired when he realized his cantankerousness was outdoing his ability to appear thoughtful before answering young upstarts with pseudo-revolutionary ideas in their heads.
maybe they curled his beard, i mean artificially.
nikoioanou translated from the ancient Greek, meaning "Everybody but YOU" 030301
splinken It'll be safer this time. And warmer. 030530
User24 what's the generally accepted meaning of "platonic love", I never did know? 030530
Tev You say you love me I'm your sister, like a sister, yes. Right. Smile, delighted to see me, say my name, introduce me to your new
girlfriend. I'm happy for you, of course. Delighted.
:_) Men and women can't be just friends because the sex always gets in the way. Enough said. 040215
Zoe the best relationship i have been is has been a platonic one. there's nothing to mess it up, i'm not in love with him and he's not in love with me. we're simply friends, who love each other as siblings. i know i can always count on him through thick and thin. that's a lot more than i can say about my boyfriend. 040215
anonymous coward we're_just_friends 040807
suicidalchinadoll I wonder if I'll ever get the line between platonic and whatever is on the other side
figured out

it's costing me more than I'm willing to pay..
what's it to you?
who go