The four pinnacles reveal the high spots or heights of attainment that we are likely to encounter as we move along the path of our life. The 1st pinnacle lasts from birth to around age 28. The 2nd pinnacle lasts for 9 years after that. the 3rd pinnacle lasts 9 more years, and the 4th pinnacle carries on through the rest of our life. The peak of the pinnacle is reached during the next 1 personal year. Pinnacles are like sudden inheritances from a benevolent aunt, they can transform the prevailing energies completely and suddenly. It is useful to look ahead and prepare for our pinnacles so that we can maximize their gifts to us and shape them into the most positive manifestation.

First Pinnacle: 3
Enthusiasm and joy fuel the creative expression that this pinnacle brings. It is a very "lucky" period due in part to the positive attitude and sense of limitless possibility that the 3 vibration carries with it.

Second Pinnacle: 5
The 5 pinnacle will bring opportunities for freedom in any area that there has been stagnation, so changes in job, relationships or residence are common. If there is a resistance to change, it may be manifested through something or someone seeming to force it. Either way the change will occur.

Third Pinnacle: 8
Good judgment, practical decisions and disciplined efforts are magnetizing abundance and prosperity to you during this period of accomplishment. Business and material success is very possible at this time, so think big!

Fourth Pinnacle: 6
Children and animals flock to your nurturing energy now. Surround yourself with beauty and harmony and loving companions. Your wise advise is a benefit to all.

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superleni Pinnacles Trip

I see the land’s pink meat through its blue-green skin
only in the flesh snaking beside a long grey road.
Grass is the hair on the back of the hills,
The coat on the plain’s chests.
Grass crouches cleverly close to the ground,
Keen and economical.
Gnarled but lush, shrubs defy the wind, their toes gripping deep into the earth,
Their arm-branches thrust toward the ceiling of the globe,
Their twig-fingers tickle at white clouds.
Pores on the skin of their leaves are cavernous eyes, gaping skyward,
Glaring into the black vacuum to grab the sun.

Dead trees, grey, refuse to lay down,
Deny the wind that would cut them down to stumps.

So, cruel and determined, the wind carves.
Fibre after woody fibre
she steals for her treasure chest.
There she keeps the spirits of stolen splinters
whose physical selves have been displaced in the world
by her own considered direction:
Collected and positioned,
Next to this rock,
On that stone for a moment, then deposited near to this root,
where to stay and be swallowed
by a bird picking at a seed
also at refuge from gnashing wind.

Sharpened, dead branches,
stripped of softness,
cut into the sky
either side of
A long lonely road for a lone woman.
Frightening but wonderful, this freedom.

Paddocks are dusted by yellow flowers,
Blue blossoms, orange.


Cows eat.

Lorries roar, sucking my car into their wake.

A thousand nans and pops drag mini-caravans down the roads.


The yellow sand of the desert and thrusting stone pinnacles amaze through my headache,
inhabited by roving herds of hatted and dust-masked Japanese,
and yet,

The journey to the unique geographical feature:
:Through lush resolute countryside,
:Past lapping dam-pools brimming up onto grass lining,
:Cows: lips on the ground,
:Flash-snapping my camera this way and that,
while the cock on the speedvane finds 120, 130, 140 degrees,
slowing for fear of a police presence that feasts on cash and confidence.
:The anguish of having to fill for one-dollar-thirty-seven per litre
having left it to Cervantes and a quarter of a tank.
:The nice old woman from North Queensland who took a photo of me beside a tall rock,
:The friendly young mother at the café,
telling mego further up Wanneroo road.’
Telling me her tales of travel, theme parks,
Telling her friend, and the whole café, of her plans, NZ and Airley beach.

The jutting stones finest feature was the journey undertaken to find them.

::Inspired by my trip to the Pinnacles, Western Australia
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