MercynRe cruisin' in my big wheels,
sipping on chocolate milk
with a crayon in my pocket
and a coloring book.

(sung to the tune of Snoop Dogg's "Gin and Juice")
ClairE E_mobile.

Ah, E_man. Will you ever come online?
Saint ain't easy

(nor particularly profitable unless you can get a lot of very enthusiastic and high-priced workers)

i should know, it's one of the business ventures i was involved in ages and ages ago

prostitution should only be open to those who enjoy sex and money for its own sake, not to those who let it become a form of slavery to them, people trying to pay their way out of something ...there is notherg worse and more pathetic than a crack/coke whore

of course i had to leave that gig behind when i turned 21 because there is no way to run background checks on tricks and my good karma with cops was running short

if you treat it like a chore, it becomes one

well, if nothing else, i treated them as well as i could, i never took more than fifteen percent
Norm Word yo word.
cause we be bling blingin yo
Word to your mother
cause all my homies be chillin at my crib
I'ma bust a cap in yo ass mofo

What does bling blingin mean?
defjux i wish i had bitches and a mercedes 050108
what's it to you?
who go