Q Duh! No wonder I've not been able to find "He, She & It". I learned after you mentioned her that Piercy is a poet who had written a few novels but never thought this would be one of the novels rather than a poem. Worse, it never occurred to me to ask. Sorry for being so dense.

But I've now found and read many of Piercy's poems. I'd not been aware of her work before. Some of the poetry is excellent. I'll share some.

Thank you!

Marge Piercy, "He, She, & It" (Fawcett, 1991). The novel is set in the mid-21st Century, in an environmentally ravaged world where nation states have given way to multi-national corporations. The protagonist, Shira Shipman, seeks refuge from her employer in her childhood village, only to learn the village is under siege by a multi-national. The villageís major hope for protection is a
cyborg, Yod. The novel draws on a 15th century Jewish legend of the golem and propels it into a believable future.
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