jennifer call me crazy
*you're crazy*
but I've lately wanted to be a
phone sex operator

I think birdmad would agree

don't you?
Q You asked for opinions. So here's mine.

If birdmad would agree that it would be a good idea for you, Dear Jennifer, to be a phone sex operator, I would disagree with him. Vehemently if it were possible to do so on this medium.

I've nothing to say about the "morality" of it, except as to the exploitation of you as a person. With that exception, the morality of it is neither my business nor my concern.

It is the reality of what it does to most of the young women who do it and what it lilkely would do to you that I care about.

That occupation is likely to be very exhausting and draining physically and psychologically, not pay very well, and involve a lot of bad physical and psychological risks.

It is more unlikely than most jobs to lead to any sort of connections worth having. No pun intended.

It might sound cool but in reality, as it would affect you, is most likely sick and sad.

For what it's worth, that's my take.
a_friend Jennifer, your words and breath are better spent encouraging yourself. There's more to you, than meets the ear. 000824
jennifer sometimes I forget that humor has a way of losing itself over the internet 000824
splinken jennifer:

go for it.

sounds like a gas.

heh heh.
miniver That's no career, Jen. Get an education first.

Then you can be a phone sex technician!
Or start your own phone sex company.
Or at least get some phone sex certification, and develop a client base.
emily i wouldn't necessairily want to be one, but i would absolutley love to have the sexy, sultry voice of one 000830
ubliss www/Internet: The 'god'of Global phone_sex_operator. 000914
Kami Khazay dated one, she was a teacher in the daytime, she tried to hide it at first, she had *huge* breasts, so i figured she moonlit as a dancer at the shakey butt, no such luck, found out that in her school district, she would get paid $28/hr doin' some after school stuff. so yeah, i guess education counts for something...or other. 000914
ubliss It is designed for sentient beings who have problem or difficulty to taste the
affair of genuine love or sexual relationship.


God of Global phone_sex_operator?

Bill Cliton:

The victim or casualties of phone sex or phone_sex?
kate i like talking to jennifer, but i would not want to be paying the moneys to do so.. but i am not worried about it. 001022
Thyartshallshant Never met one
Never talked to one
Never used one
That makes me sad
I see the ad's in my porn everyday
And wonder what it would be like to call
Im a minor
Without my own phone
Im just a zit faced porno freak
That wacks off to there sexy ad's
One day I'll be eighteen
And il have my own phone
And my own credit card
And i will meet a phone sex operator
It's destiny
startfires my friend remi told me yesterday that he racked up a thousand dollar phone bill a couple years ago calling the phone sex ladies. now it's his dream to start his own phone sex operation. he's gotten really good at it but it cost him. 010104
psychobabe i have a friend whos name is lora and me and my friend heidi were with her one night. For a laugh, she decided to call the "phone sex for a womans pleasure" hotline from a magazine. Well sure enough she was going to pay and wanted to hear it all and see what it was like. Thats when me and heidi decided to leave and get the fuck outta there, lmfao 010515
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