stupidpunkgirl because of the distance
we can't see each other
it keeps us fom being able to touch
we have to talk on the phone instead
for five hours we talked last night
about anything and everything
the desperation of lonliness
scares me (i am for you)
the unhappiness we share
and the understanding
its hard to only talk on the phone
it leaves too much to the imagination
opheliac it would only take one

2 mintutes, maybe three. ((you might be going to class))
but you see, i'm afraid that if i pick up that phone and dial that number i wrote on an orange piece of scrap paper, and feel your voice feel my ears like cotton...
it sounds so simple. and i cannot bring myself to do it. i love you and want to hear you and want to see you. you are only 80 miles away from me.

but the space between my heart \full
and your heart //empty?
is much farther than any phone call can connect.
Sintina is the simple action that binds us when we are not together, that keeps your voice in my mind and makes it feel like I'm still with you.

is what I do for a living. Calling and calling, asking people to listen to me and accept what I have to say.

is the way I let the ones I don't see everyday know that I still care about them and remember them. The ones that are seperated from me over several hundreds of miles.

Thank god for the phone.
piercedjenny thru a thick haze i heard
"tsk tsk, its always this type on a friday night" and "stupid little girl"
i fell back asleep without worrying who was talking or who they were talking about.
days later i came to in a clinical room with a nurse beside me.
"'bout time you woke up" she said and shot me a look like i was the scum of the earth.
"you musta done something right at some point before you became an addict" i just looked at her uncomprehendingly as she told me i had been brought in 8 days earlier dead on a stretcher.
wow. i always joked that i could get whatever i wanted, that i had my maker on speed-dial. i wonder if since then the number's been changed?
distorted tendencies Just to hear your voice. Electronically transmitted..

I'll stick with the holograms.
no reason "i have to go. i'm expecting a phone call."


don't most people wait until someone actually calls them before leaving? who could be so important...

dammit, you're making me paranoid and unrealistic again.
what's it to you?
who go