Syrope something only to be whispered in intense moments

else i just feel silly
'cept for killa maybe, cause that's just funny.
white_wave we call each other squashy. it's kind of like gushy, mushy, squishy, and squashy. and it also makes me think of wading through mud at the pumpkin patch because we just had to get one. 040222
Lemon_Soda my ferrets name is Rasmussen Rasputin Grendal Ruggieri the third, aka Raz, aka Don Jaun the fluff buffer 040223
misstree puppycrusher is caretaker for e.a.f.s, (pro. eefs), short for emergency_alternative_food_source. my darling rain tried for a short time to get him to change it to *exotic* alternative food source, but he insists on waiting for an emergency. i don't mind; it's quite an entertaining catlike_substance; talkative and fluffy and affectionate and playful and an utter klutz. 040223
reue i don't have one for you. i much prefer your real name. its beautiful, to bad not many people call you by it. 040223
.fallen well let's see... there is Seiko and Monster and Scruffy and Smokey and Supe and Bootles and Cupcake and Spot and Leo and one day in the future there will be a Mr.Snipes ..... yay crazy sugar glider lady! yay big proper poodle! yay!!!!!! 040304
girl_jane Don't call me "honey" or "hun." Don't call me "dear," "babe," or "baby." Don't call me "sweety," "cupcake," or "pumpkin."

If you feel the need to use a pet name, be creative for fucks sake. If I'm deserving of a pet name, I'm deserving of one that's not generic and used for so many others.
stork daddy okay my little wonderbundle 040305
Who Me? so flappy. 040305
misstree does "sir" count? 040305
Who Me? I'd rather "Attila The Bunnyman". 040305
stork daddy thwog, bearer of the pubic torch 040305
stork daddy thundercock, tenderheart, jellybean. i have answered to these names 040305
x diesel, gish
they both go by "muffin head" and "mooshi mooshi" sometimes
Doar ragnarok 040305
girl_jane My step dad calls me pea pod. I like that one a lot, and it suits me so well. 040305
z ragnarok is the norse armageddon? 040305
eskimos friend ... lol, not exactly what i had in mind. just realised i don't have a pet name though :(

my nickname has plus ou moins become my real name though
(_) honey darling dear
they want to fly out of my mouth
cover you with gold

or maybe silver
copper steel rust endearments
are as good as paint

over true feelings
as if that would make up for
all my callousness

but oh beautiful
people all lovelies let me
use my one power

please all i'm good for
words are perfect by themselves
let me be good too

[as clearly poetry
doesn't work worth a damn sigh
help me fix it all]
what's it to you?
who go