bzzmel if my mummy knew what went on in my mind she would disown me 011207
shay I say he's perverted.
He says I'm just as perverted.
We're lovely together, being perverted and immature and all...
Oh.. love.
the great goddess My mind is sick and perverted, I think. I wouldn't dare to tell my thoughts to anyone. I never dared. Not even to my boyfriend. A sick mind is a joy forever? Not for me... 030108
oldman "hey lil boy" 060110
Queen of Smashing Glass Houses (QSGH) This_is_just_what_jesus_was 080716
? i like watching porn of women pissing on themselves and drinking piss.

you probably think that's perverted.

one of my fantasies is licking out a woman's pussy while she pisses on my face.

i don't know why it turns me on.
what's it to you?
who go