in a silent way i am tempted now
to mislead you somehow
make you think i mean to hurt you
when i only want your lower back
to curve the way it does
a long as my eyes will let me drink
from your reservoir
in a typo way a long. as long. longer than. long as. 130121
endless desire like this, in a silent way. like this a lot. 130122
in a silent way and here i thought the typo kind of marred it (that stuff drives me batty when i don't catch it until it's too late). thank you muchly. if you like this, you might like the "letters to no one" blathe over on red too...similar kind of thing, but a little more ambitious. 130122
endless desire I thought the typo lost something
but your response added something
so it all came out even.
I'll have to venture to the red. I never do that.
what's it to you?
who go