absolutely nobody (atmosphere)

if she ever felt ugly it was all in her head, not reflected back from her mirror or someone's eyes as they change their mind up close.

she can talk about self confidence when she has any number of people willing to bolster hers and mean it when they say it.

she doesn't have to go to any effort to be noticed or to maintain whatever audience she might capture

i'm not so sure she ever meant a word she said to me, and advice is easy to give when it's all shrink-couch platitudes and bullshit pop-psychology

you lose one, you find another with hardly a pause

i have to work a thousand times harder to find and a billion times harder even hoping to hold

so save it, i can't afford to invest that kind of belief anymore.
. :( 041208
daxle When I hid in the closet, hating myself, I didn't find anyone. Imagine that. 050106
daxle people who are certain that their plight is so much worse than that of others (read: incredibly self-centered people) need a fucking dose of reality.
people who would rather wallow in misery than try to help themselves need a serious kick_in_the_eye.
Enough is enough Oh, christ, you both need a kick_in_the_eye. save it for email. 050108
sab i find some things easy
i found ten cents on my floor, that was easy
i found a girl who wanted a kiss, she was easy
i found out that she charged ten cents a kiss, that was easy
i kissed her and gave her my ten cents and that was easy

and now i have no money again
and cold lips where i pressed them
against her warm flesh

and that was too easy too
daxle Will this be the one comment that inspires me to listen to the commands of people who hide behind false names? Um, no. Save your breath... you might need it. 050109
misstree there's a way that i'm Supposed to be, i've figured that much out, but somewhere along the line i lost the instruction sheet. who will choose my jc penny clothes for me? who will show me why a job is more important than my freedom? share a moral set with me that doesn't inspire stares of horror or admiration or confusion? i know. i'll go ask the television. it has all the answers for everyone. 050110
imagine that "and I wish to be in a house in the middle of nowhere

wherever I've lived there has always been the fear of intrusion

i have never been alone"
anne-girl honestly, I think that
"people who are certain that their plight is so much worse than that of others (read: incredibly self-centered people)"
have probably hurt themselves more than a fucking kick in the eye could

even though it might help
Lemon_Soda people_like_you_find_it_easy

Why...yes, yes I do.

epitome_of_incomprehensibility Even though I must admit I feel self-concious talking to absolutely nothing, I sympathize totally with being misunderstood. That probably happens to everybody. The thing is, we could probably benefit a lot more by trying to understand others than worrying about how we are percieved. (I could also learn to take my own advice, but that's irrelevant.) 050729
spilt_milk to walk in and out the door of the soul, often forgetting to mention when you leave, making me think that you're still hear until its too late 050729
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