kingsuperspecial the girl who works at my vet's office.

tiffany, the recruiter that offered me the fat job I just turned down.

james brown

katie, the waitress at Cosmo.

I'm sure there are more, I'll keep you posted when they come up.
birdmad five of the six ad agency reps who came to my office this week to view some paperwork

my terribly cute friend in hawaii

a couple of the attorneys upstairs
Sol cant really say, just in case they come here, or happen to knwo some one who does 010617
//// jess 010617
Special K Lick his salted candy skin?
Been there. Done that.

Waiting for the chance to do it again

...even slower.
yummychuckle jason. 010619
lost my girlfreind.
Angolina jolie( i think thats how you spell it) even my girlfreind wants to lick her. my girlfreind is bi either but she is her exception.
dont know just seeing what happens here lol 010619
bijou josh with red hair
mike's girlfriend jackie
jackie's roomate tara
jenny's neighbor marshall
ruairi from amsteel
Mushroomman My girlfreind.

So much that she'll go crazy....
lux angelina 010829
unhinged bobbi....yeah, definitely.



chris...cause he's really easy to get excited...i mean you don't even know.
florescent light the movie star we saw on the street walking his dog talking on his cell telling me I was holding up traffic

I love your screams baby
Aimee joshua jackson.. mmmmm it'll never happen though... so right now I'd settle for licking brendan again 010830
silentbob this girl that used to go to my school and tease me with her beauty. i'd love to lick her. she's been on my mind a little lately. 010830
nemo kyle 010830
:::: Charles... 010830
silentbob Does anyone wnat to lick me? 010830
TalviFatin I'll lick you, silentbob.

But first, I'd like to lick Guffy again...

You didnt hear that Aimee. Just so you know...

*coughs, hides*
Norm Myself all over. No thats gross. I'll lick that popsicle guy from the comercials. I hope he's really made out of popsicle. 010830
Gollum No my precious. no one wants to lick us. But we will EAT them precious; especially the school girls. tasty, tasty school girls. 010830
Casey I don't have anyone on mind right now. Can I just have an orange popsicle instead? 010902
distorted tendencies Well before I get eaten..

I want to lick Gollum.
Deniedu You know who you are and you read this. 010903
kingsuperspecial wow, thanks for the thought!

oh, wait. you probably don't mean me, even though I know who I am and I read this.

hmmm...figured that was too easy.
someone not like you at all . There are simply too many to list. 010912
Norm That grade nine I dinked in the shower. 010913
pralines&cream my boyfriend ... he closes his eyes when i lick him ... it's magic 011118
Aaron angelina joulie

christopher walkin

ALL the girls from blather that i talk to on aim, and a few that i don't.

one of the hot younger female teachers from highschool.

a good few of my exs.

several female friends that don't know i would like to lick them.

trent reznor

tori amos

sandra bulik

drew barrymore

kristina riccia

rose mcgowin

neve cambell

katie homes
pat sajaks ghost sheep 011118
ClairE I wonder if I am soon to join Aaron's, too many of my friends. Myself, I think skin tastes good.

Okay, I think I may have lost some of you.

But putting love in terms of licks...could be a useful meter. The lick o' meter. Of love.

(Oh, man, I almost forgot this guy Chris. Yes. And also, I think basically any of the guys I live in close proximity to. Damn.)
m i live on earth, is that close enough? 011127
psychobabe o0h Jeff from subnormal
bryan :p
*some guy friends of mine that i wont reveil names over this*
silentbob why dont you want to lick me, katie? 011127
ClairE Although it COULD be, m, I seriously doubt it. Sorry. 011128
FreakFly This girl I used to live next to.
She is beautiful. Red hair. nice.

I loved licking my ex. She had nice lips.
ilovepatsajak axl rose kevin spacey moby 011203
ClairE Me. And maybe m. 011203
ilovepatsajak someone with cold saltwater skin and a mysterious scar on the lip 011203
niki they guy in my drama class with the mysterious scar on his top lip (i kid you not) 011203
tina hannah, she has a belly button ring.
jen, because she bites.
scott, because he's just so tasty.
ilovepatsajak niki!!! where do you live????????
just kidding. but you should work it.
niki Baton Rouge LA
come on down...i'll introduce ya!
i tried workin it but i think he is worries, i've spotted my next victim and am going in for the kill
psychobabe okkkkkk ok ok ok i admit it i want to lick bobby 011204
pontifier after reading all these lick desires, I'm not really in the mood to lick anyone. well maybe...naw, I can't bring myself to record that thought...sorry, carry on smartly! 011211
anti-social butterfly hoover, if you read this, i want to put my lick on you! but don't put your lick on me! =) 011211
girl i want to lick silentbob!(*)

...and ...oh jeez..lot of folks!

my x *
my current *
my best friend *
her bf
my x's best friend
my cute neighbor *
my best friends boyfriends roommates (all 3 of them)
trent reznor *
angelina jolie *
kevin smith *
johnny dep **
andy warhol if he were alive
maynard james keenen *
adam jones *
henry rollins
alice cooper
brad pitt *
edward norton *
kevin spacy
anthony hopkins
frank black
jack black *
pat *
..the list goes on
...obviously not all the licks on the list are sexual, but hey. (the astrix is for the "ill lick u..please lick me!")
licking is fun!!!
ClairE I need a nice comforting dog's tongue.

And I also miss someone I wouldn't mind licking.
ilovepatsajak robert smith 011219
she david

anyone who catches my fancy

ask, and maybe you too.
girl oh yeah! robert smith would be a good person to lick!
and also i just remembered
dave groll(sp?)
jimmy fallon(sp?)
girl both with three astrixes ***
oh boy!
zerzura Elijah Wood. I need a little hobbit action. 011221
ilovepatsajak jimmy fallon! you're right 011221
cube The cute little girl i saw in the elevator today.
Ok, she wasn't a 'little girl' everywhere
lady lunchbox mmmmm.....
~my boyfriend
~my ex
~the guy i worked with 4 summers ago
~my banana :P
~drew barrymore
~angelina jolie
~heath ledger (sp??) god, that aussie accent!!!! ;)

ta licking tonite, i suppose
Miffey My ex gf
My other ex gf
My neighbor
My neighbor's bf
My other neighbor
And her roommate
hopefully at the same time ;)

I wonder what they're up to...
Miffey I want to lick my ex twice ;) 020105
kerry yummmmm

james dean, if he were still alive
. hellen 020307
blown cherry *puppy dog kiss* back to you 020307
thequickerlickerupper - - - - - - - - - - - ,
cause I heard that storms can knock trees down, uproot and open up iris's, and are wet.
little wonder christian slater 020307
oasisoncloud10 i want to lick Jen, i want to lick her arubix cubes. 020307
no reason the gingerbread man 020307
bethany i want jk to lick my armpit again, or at maybe go a little lower this time. 020307
j_blue armpits are cool

sometimes i like to lick boys armpits, but usually the state i'm in deprives me of normal sensory perception...

right now no one in particular, too bad booze doesn't count

i really want to lick a cosmo right about now
bethany as in the magazine? 020311
j_blue as in the beverage, spelling is a whore 020523
Arwyn I want to lick my logan, any other licking could lead to bad things, just my logan... besides, he tastes the best 020524
somedaysam(whosuddenlyfeelslikealickwhore) My List of Licks...
*My husband, Michael
*Lenny Kravitz
*Adam Sandler
*Heather, sexy and barefoot
*Rudy Guiliani
*MCA from Beastie Boys
*Glen Danzig(I'd like to do more than lick him, tho)
*Josh Hartnett(sp?)
*Silentbob...the OTHER Silentbob(whatever his real name is)
*Nick from Psycho Nubs, this local punk band(I'd like to do more than lick him, too)
*Drew Carey
*My best friend Josh
*The sixteen year old guy sleeping on my couch right now
*Badtz Maru
*Johnny Bravo
*My mom's girlfriend's son, Jonathon
*My brother-in-law's girlfriend
*The witchcraft shop lady's daughter
somedaysam Oh yeah, and Bob Marley, if he were alive! 020524
scott-ish jennifer garner (damn!)
natalie portman
ania-ish i would love to lick orlando bloom 020524
mumu-ish michael barton 020524
ania-ish (again) the guy in mulholland drive with glasses ... there are actually many people who deserve to be licked; it's hard to pick one 020524
unhinged kevin smith is the real silent bob

you should want to lick the blather silent bob too. he is very lickable.
cheer-up-emo-kid -BATMAN because he is sexy
-my boyfriend because he likes it
-that guy from the dell commercials because he is super mega cute
somedaysam the present silentbob might not desire to be licked by a stranger 020527
Koxin I want to lick the girl who keeps saying that we'll be just friends. 020811
Koxin I want to lick the girl who keeps saying that we'll be just friends. What's wrong with licking a friend anyway? 020811
oppressed_youth I'd like to lick the man made entirely of rocky road ice cream.

Because I bet he tastes good.
oppressed_youth And yeah, it would also be pretty fun to lick Edward Norton. 020818
IWishICouldGoWithDavid Ha Ha.. made you look. 021215
krimilda the guy i met in argentina and his friend and the guy i licked in argentina and mostly any guy in buenos aires
the guy who calls me when he wants to be licked
and cristobal
Kristopher Oooh, I want to lick someone!

I wanna lick Fairuza Balk.
I wanna lick Christina Ricci.
I wanna lick Thora Birch (Ghost World version).
I wanna lick all the cute little gloomcookie girls that go to the goth night at the local club.
I wanna lick my Spooky.
I wanna lick P!nk.
I wanna lick nearly any of the SuicideGirls (I think some of them would bite back, and not in the happy way).
I wanna lick. .. hmmm, some people but I think I wanna get to know them better.

Heh, yeah, I'll lick them twice. . .
SuicidalAnge Jack Johnson
Brandon Boyd
Channing Tatem (Mountain Dew commercial guy!!)
elimeny !!!!!!!!!!!!

p2 sugargirl
too bad she's gone
Rhin :x 021216
just almost anyone with soft, full lips...mmm
famous person? it would be Ms. Jolie, if everyone else hadn't picked her - fuck it!
Angelina Jolie - i want to lick her everywhere
this is me now is a lick ever loving?

human to human i mean of course
pipedream mmmmmmmmm...*mysterious grin*
now THAT'S a notion...
een stomme kind - nate from finch
- a guy i know.....two actually
emo Some random stranger on the sidewalk in the city

just run up behind them
tap them on the shoulder

when they turn around

give them a good lick

angelina jolie

Johny Bravo

(on his arm with full sleeve)

some hot sexy little raver girls i have met
(probably could have licked them at the time...)

many, many , many suicide girls (all over the place)

my ex boyfriend on his rosey cheek

that guy at the gym with all the big ripply muscles, mmm yeah....

morgan, carrie, kari, leigh,
stephan jenkins

Trey again, and again, and again, and...
Pauly, though i don't think he knows it

cute little punk skater boys at the park
Many, many of them...

The guy that stocks the Budweiser at the packy

my boyfriend

my ex boyfriend in ways which would make him wish i was still his...

the guy from crazy town... yeah yeah
emo Does anyone actually NOT want to lick Angelina Jolie? 030602
endless desire brian.
simple as that.
i want to see if your skin is tasty.
i certainly know your tongue is
but im particularly focusing on the skin region.
alright with you?
celestias shadow johnny depp, as long as he licks back
colin farrell
david draiman
tom felton
brad pitt as TYLER DURDEN
ed norton
amy lee
my friend, when he looks me in the eyes (his name will remain secret because it would be *interesting* if he saw this)
that boy i saw but never talked to in cape cod
the girl whose name i also can't say

i don't think anyone else needs to say angelina jolie. i think we all understand that she's a given.
once again i would lick you...
and you. and that kid there.

also I would lick John Cussack... he is yummie. And Kevin Smith...RAR. OK, OK i admit it, i would also like to lick Adam Sandler, David Spade, Dana Carvey, Jim Carrey, Kevin Spacey, Richard Grere (even though he's old), Hugh Grant, Michael J. Fox... i adore him. I would also in the name of honesty, like to lick Bear, Timmie, Chris, and the kid in my math class, also i would like to lick User24... just to see what he tastes like.
misstree is still drunk and bitter and thus you mu this is very strange... i have always been big on licking people, both on the net and in real life, but it's such an intrinsic sign of affection that thinking of licking a stranger is more unthinkable than doing other dirty things with strangers that i'll leave to your imagination.

i licked 2 people last night, bit 3, got thwarted by 2, and danced with 3.


i hate you so very, very much, eris.
nomatter barry zito mostly
but in reality the one I can never manage.
smurfus rex Want to Lick:
1. LexiTiger
2. Jennifer Love Hewitt
3. Natalie Portman

Have Licked Before:
1. Ex Roommate
2. Ex fiance
breygris why so many anonymous posts? ashaaameeed, are we? hah. come on people. it's just for fun.

i wanna lick angelina jolie (she's popular eh?), marilyn manson, trent reznor, britney spears (you want to, too. admit it), mark hoppus, tom felton, and the D/H twins. ..... heh.
ferret oh man, the list goes on and on

karl is smiling to himself at the moment.
Death of a Rose only if they cover themselves in strawberries. 031020
reue but you need to go to sleep!
oh, well... i guess just a little bit then
celestias shadow nomatter- barry zito rocks! i'm not sure about the licking part, but maybe if the a's played the red sox more often i'd get a better look at 'im. as long as we're on the train of thought of baseball players, then my pick is bronson arroyo. yay for yummy 23-year-olds. 031022
anon i dont really want to lick any person but rather my dog or my cat or something like that. or maybe a parrot. if i were to lick a person i guess i would want to lick YOU!!! 031028
misstree licking fur (on humans or animals) is not pleasent. all about the nekkid flesh. please? 031028
Lint Lover The one who has a "U.S. Thugs" tattoo and 6 pack abs 040524
dosquatch Sandra Bullock
Janeane Garafalo
Jessica Alba
Hillary Duff
a couple of people here, no names
x twisted x two words: orlando bloom 050723
squishyfish squishyfish 101029
squishyfish sandra_shaw 101029
. . 101029
harglaglarglar harglaglarglar 101104
Soma several people who need to take a lickin' 160711
what's it to you?
who go