freakizh (000,666)
the beginning of the end.
birdmad remembering grandfather on my mom's side of the family

the funny sensation of the ever-present stubble on his cheek whenever i gave him a hug

the glass of juice and a splash of tequila.

his cadre of lapdogs, some of which were older than me, each amusing in its own quirky way.

his favorite joke, his preferred occasional snack of peppers in a jar which he would try to pass off on us, his grandkids as "sweet pickles" and the chuckle he'd get out of it at our refusal, already knowing better.

the old mariachi records and the brightly painted interior of the house

the sound of the playful, half-joking arguments between him and my grandmother which always seemed to end with her chuckling and giving him a sidelong glance before uttering the inevitable "ay, que viejo" and him snickering with satisfaction that he could still get a rise out of our otherwise perpetually serene grandma
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