ever dumbening yo, corvusbirdcicletonyanama, you might appreciate this one. and for everyone else, just a little food (or lack thereof) for thought.

thinks life is complicated
minnesota_chris nope. I figured it out soon after I heard about it (12 years ago):

Gas gets more expensive. Then it gets more expensive. Then people start saying "hey, this sucks!" and move back to the city where they belong. And suburbs and SUV's go away, yay!
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white_wave the high price of gas makes us think of doing more carpooling, and making more space on our crowded freeways. oh, and it makes me think of how there are way too many humans on this planet!! 040311
pete oil is at what, 55$ a barrel?
in related news, the canadian dollar keeps gaining on the us dollar..
canada is america's largest supplier of oil and natural gas at the moment
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