femme this whole night was insane. then you called. i picked you up.
i have family issues, je regrette.
je t'aime.
but you don't speak french.
you don't understand the thoughts i want you to hear, the ones that echo loudly through my mind, the thoughts that i will never say.
you are just so nice that it hurts me sometimes. i heard once that being close was harder than being in a relationship.
if we are really close, we will always just be friends. i don't want another friend. i want something i haven't had before.
i have issues with being selfish.
you always look adorable.
i saw you look at me, wondering what i was thinking. i felt you hear my thoughts you couldn't see. then i hated myself for thinking. i hardly remember today. it was a lot like tomorrow, as i recall. the one thing that kills me the most is that i don't know about you.
i can't look into your eyes and read your soul like a novel. you are everything that i cannot translate into words. i feel selfish for wanting you.
Syrope she just kept saying "you know how guys are" and i kept watching his face, waiting for the patience to waver but he is the most...persistently cheerful person i've ever met. i can't tell if he worships the ground she walks on or if he thinks he has to take care of her, but i know she's oblivious to either one 041013
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