daxle she's talking to me about my papier mache creation like it saved her soul
i'm trying so hard to inch towards the door
feeling a low mixture of sadness and disgust at her attempt to retain what was never there
she never had my respect
she just has my contempt now
lotusflower peacock feather fans are bad luck in india. 000213
MollyGoLightly Identical twin brothers by the name of Peacock. One clean cut and loafer clad, the other a latter day junior high school ozzy osbourne. Scary. And the evil one refused to leave my girlfriends and I alone. 000515
Joana. Water pours from the sky once again
And the street smell
Wet concrete
Nauseates and upsets the driver
He is sitting behind the wheel
And wonders to himself
If that is how living should be
Stuck in traffic
Cars subsiding the free space around him
Closing in his views
Shattering his air
Yet the clouds hover above
As if reflecting the pollution
Which revolves around him
And traps him in a dark bubble
He looks at his wristwatch
He's late
He looks at his I.D. card
That's not him
That's not his picture
He's living in someone else's life
He's living in a nightmare
From which he can never escape
Except through death
And he looks above
He feels the velvety clouds soothe his soul
And sighs like a child
Closes his eyes
And gently rests his head against the seat
A bright light prevents him from opening his eyes
Struggling hard
Fighting to reopen them
And suddenly his vision widens
He opens his eyes
And in front of him
Flies one giant peacock
Vomiting fire from its beak
The blue and red colours of its feathers
Blind with their light
He knows he'll die
The flames are wide spread
The peacock stares straight into his eyes
And with a taunting sounding cry
It burns him to ashes
And finally he wakes up from his dark dream.
oldephebe nicely done 040718
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