moonshine Vintage stairway. Skyline city. Hail fair moon guardian on the night.. guard me and mine until the coming light 000620
Vangelis You got it! 000620
whitechocolatewalrus no vines
to shower my delight
no roses
to keep me aware
no moon
to bathe me in bright
no stars
to twinkle in my eyes
no breeze
to freshen the air
no path
to lead me right
no path
to lead me astray.
Death of a Rose you said to me that the path would be bright upon our arrival. i believed you as the steps grew ever loud in my ears. you scorned my apprehensiveness and told me not to fear. i swayed and stayed beyond the windows of that party. letting you glide among them, watching as you carelessly looked back upon my eyes, while choosing another to converse with. i hide now, gone from your view and sardonic smiles,
this isn't the balcony that i brought you to; this is nothing more than the fragrant roses of my inhalations that happened while i was wanting of you.
whitechocolatewalrus and i said to me, that this day might end, that this feeling might end, that this life might end.
and i said to me, remember nothing.
and i said to me, you will make it through, you will succeed despite this baren state of mind.
and i said to me, everything will be fine.
Death of a Rose numb i wandered as this gypsy woman had begun my tale,

prophecy she said,
nothing i replied,
heartache you will rend,
with what heart i have not met?

she uttered but a sigh,
so you would fate enfold?

i do not care to dwell on fate,
for it has left me barren and indisposed; here i am, slouch and bastard seen, you do not tell me what of bastards are made, you whisper to me of what gentlemen are born, while castrating me with platinum horns.

whitechocolatewalrus fate and destiny
tell me my future
a future i do not wish to see
such things should not exist
as i do not exist
and do not wish to exist
yet my mind knows
i am in control
but i have
Death of a Rose is such vines gathered in this soil?

climbing up our washed entails?

i say what suppleness i will find,

when i tend to this garden?
time_warp when you talk to god
what do you ask him?
oldephebe i ask him to endow me with the fortitude, cast of mind to be gentle, calm in the face of a loved ones storms..

i ask for the song to put the groaning wind to sleep

i ask for the wisdom to see His character, His heart, His wisdom in all things..

i ask for lightness in my being when the lode stone is bearing down upon me..crushing my clavicle

i ask for the shape of heart to desire to give, and keep giving even when i am in need myself..

i ask for a surcease of all the worlds conflicts..ceasless surging seas of rancor and wrath and malice makes men into murderers..all in the name of the state..but i am sensible enough to realize a man/woman can only be true to thier natures and nothing else..

i ask for every heart in anguish, in pain to me kissed tenderly and have the sorrow washed out of there beings

i ask if there is a way for this garden not to melt to ruin..
egger . 040115
whitechocolatewalrus i tend the garden's needs
day by day
hoping the folwers may lend
a worthy cause to mend
there are so many prices to pay
i don't even know where to begin
what's it to you?
who go