KFOX A noose that will strangle in time. 010504
Casey I always try to be passive. I'm a tall and big built person. I'm always afraid of hurting someone. I have vowed to always try and keep myself form harming others in anyway. I won't even touch another person until i know they wont have a problem with it.

Once i clocked this guy in the head with a chime mallet in band. He almost didn't stand back up. I felt so bad i almost killed myself then and there.
Norm I hate passive people but I like how I can control them. It's a complicated situation, and I'm not really sure how to react. 010830
stork daddy johnny was learning to deal with his mother passively like his brother and father before him. of course i believe in god he'd say as he left the dinner table. or i'll go do my homework now as he walked out the door. when she'd say, you said that last time, he'd reply, we can only go from here. 040510
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