Toxic_Kisses That helpfull paperclip in Microsoft Word iz soooo cute! 020608
Sailor Jupiter He pissed me off.
NO! I DON'T need your assistance. I've written letters since kindergarden...*click*
screwing for virginity that damn paperclip is a wusy. the dog ,or even the windows logo, could kick its ass any day of the week 021121
unhinged makes a handy dandy built in roach clip 021213
Strideo the most helpfull paperclip i've found simply holds one group of papers to another

microsoft paperclip "pah!"
estarocks paperclip_fun 040819
coolsoundingme if we held hands together so long that they fell asleep and wore down to bone i'd use a paper_clip to pin our fingers together. 070418
kuffsleeve oh... when the aliens discover the remains..

they might think that is funny

and put the remains in a museum for other aliens to look at.
backflip you and your filing cabinet !

what a fucking Joke !

the Joke is on you mate ! not on me.

i won't club you to death but i will beat you at golf.
j_blue too big to eject a sim 170730
what's it to you?
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