birdmad set to burn

metal oxides bright colors incinerate

farmfish hmma in hand if me heart was paypa, i would write these words: touch me. and i would put it, i would, in an envelope, seal it with glue, and hide it for someone to find.

i would nail a notice to a telefone pole, i would, that said, "look for da fishboy'e heart, woudja? he's in need."
Grievance and if mine was made of paper i would fold it carefully and stick it in a drawer to be found years later during a spring cleaning and pray the world wasn't watching as i tucked it in my pocket. 020222
ever dumbening strong, earthy fibers--hand made
i cut into it
matisse patterns
a tea-light candle emits beams
of gentle light and heat
a string (not a sleeve) holds it up
a fasching lantern shining
the passion before the fasting
ever dumbening ps quality word, mr. mad 020222
unhinged if you held it up to the light
you would see right through it
wrapped around your false glow
a lantern
to guide your way
they set me afloat in the river
knowing the current
would carry me far down stream
washed up on the shore
litter collected by small children
for their earth day projects
discarded on the side of the road
with all the other stolen goods
that nobody wants
i make myself want to light your way
the bright flames
flash burning holes in my
yummychuckle my edges are worn
faded and jaded with time.
and the writing isn't as neat
as I would like it to be
because you are better
than the scribbled pencil marks
attempting to express
the love that I have for you
beating inside of my tiny rib cage.
And you treasured it
in the way that was expected.
and then you tossed aside my paper heart
for me to find
10 years later.
we don't say "i love you" to one another
sometimes I cry for it.
You never made me a paper heart.
and I never got to
treasure it the way expected
and I never got to
toss aside the love you don't show.
Deomis this paper heart of mine
keeps on cutting your hands
when all you where trying to do
was glue me back together
birdmad replaced with stone
and clad in steel
in vulnerable to anything
but time
sirflaccid We wish to believe that we are strong.
We wish to believe that nothing can harm us.
We wish so hard that we begin to believe.

However, those with the toughest of armor, are protecting a paper heart.
dries&hardens covers rock
folds and doesn't tear
what's it to you?
who go