psychobabe one of the greatest bands ever made, i love them for their emotional lyrics of love, hurt and pain all together. With songs like cemitary gates, its expresses sooooo much! and i cant get over the fact of it! i love it for which it is! so tell me what you think of the band 010417
devotchka i like pantera a lot. i liked them before they got well known, and i still do. 010417
fucking hostile i liked them better before Phil kept griping about how "they said" this and "they said" that.

Like i care, Phil, just turn up the voltage and rock like we're fuckin' paying you to do when we buy the tickets.

in concert all he's done is whine about critics and "trends"
when i've seen them at Ozzfest and at the New Year's Evil show with Black Sabbath a couple of years back

for this reason, i'll keep my copies of "cowboys from hell" and "vulgar display of power"

but after that it's all the same to me anymore
psychobabe yea, phil does have his times that he has to bitch about everything. Oh well, their still great.

As for their CDs, gotta love vulgar display of power, and cowboys from hell
I have much respect for them
not all there Pantera kick soo much ass, it's not funny. If i miss their concert here (Vancouver) in a couple of months, i'm gonna fucking FREAK!
Dimebag just tears up the fretboard and Phil's lyrics are the best. I can't get enough of Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills... or any other song they've done for that matter! Fucken-eh!
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