tonya gevalt! 011019
trixie holla to the other yids on blathah... Vie do ya havta alvays type ovah and ovah again zat damn machine? It's crazy, those tings are gonna kill ya, I'm tellin' you dat, I say I'm tellin' you dat. Hey... ven are ya gonna get married for me huh? I know a nice Jewish boy when goes to the temple every single Saturday vith the Rosenbergs. He's going to be a doctor... a doctor! Oh imagine... you'll be able to move into the city! Oh how decadent, you are so lucky to be living now in the modern world... why, ven I vas a little girl in Poland... OY GE-fucking-VAULT! 030430
satan i still can't find my knish, dammit 030430
suspicious fish gevalt!
Hail yiddish, most expressive of languages.
My oy-ing sets me apart from my goyische friends.
Memories of my grandmother....
"Oy" can make my cry.
kookaburra i am not jewish.
i say oy.
ive said it since fourth grade.
falling_alone could also be spelled "oi" 040503
what's it to you?
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