silentbob this fucking empty room
reminds me of fucking you
unhinged he drags me to the play room
'wanna play little people auntie cole?'
amazingly articulate for a little boy
they say
little boys aren't so good with language

he towers over the town set up in the middle of the room
like a little godzilla
picking up the firefighters and the knights and the bus drivers
and throwing them like missiles
at the town below

'oh owen. that's not nice.'
i give him my best admonishing auntie nicole look
his dimples bust out in a devilish grin
caught with a princess in his hand
his fist back by his ear
i grab him by the waist
and eat him up with monster kisses
he giggles and feigns distress
only half heartedly trying to get away

'wanna play buzz and woody auntie cole?'
what's it to you?
who go