Quilk Overindulgence merely distracts from concentration on things in which one is not overindulging. That distraction - and so overindulgence - is not necessarily a problem.

So definitely just overindulge in what makes you merry or feel good, unless perchance you perceive the resuilting distraction to be a problem for yourself or someone you care about or have some responsibility for. Then communicate to determine if there is a problem and how it might be solved if there be one.
There is some sense in being moderate in all things, except hugging, being hugged, wearing a smiley face, and avoiding the poison of puritanical myopia that we should spend our brief lives wearing sack cloth and ashes.
lotusflower is great. you're happy for about five minutes and then you do it again. i find it necessary. 000225
. : * p s y b o r g * : . When I danced with Justin. 011029
zar_star when i dance at raves 030712
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