MollyGoLightly the orthodontist grew quiet for a second, then looked at me with wonder:

"you have virgin teeth."

yessir. i've only ever had one cavity. that's one thing i've definitely done right.
grendel "we can make this easssy, or we can make this difficult...

Now tell me...

Is it safe?"

Sir Laurence Olivier,
as the fugitive nazi dentist (as if there were any other kind) in the film, "Marathon Man"
melvinwang they try really hard, and they're nice people, but the treatment always sucks 010504
mmm every time i leave the place i feel like walkin up to the guy punching him in the jaw and saying "how does it feel bitch" 010505
carden i was supposed to get my braces off in march..but nooooooo...my ortho said i'd get them off before the end of summer. i just went to my ortho last week, things look promising. i hope to get them off next month. if i don't i shall take them off myself. i don't want them on any longer. i've had them on for a year and 10 months, enough is enough. ah!!!!! 010506
Eowithien Mine is a perfectionist. He is taking so long. I've had the tops for three years now (though the teeth are perfectly straight) and the bottoms for two and a half. They're not all that bad, except for the occasional afternoon of painfullness, but they make my smile look really dumb and my cheeks really pudgy. Which they aren't.

Stupid, stupid ortho.
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