birdmad the inhalation

into my lungs and all through my senses

the memory of "wasted" youth

and hours spent chasing_the_dragon
and hallucinations and fucking in dangerous places

before i came to the mistaken conclusion that it was better to look for one than to have all
fairydust she snuck onto the merchant boat one day,spent months in the dank, grungy cabin until they finally reached China.
there she she wore a red silk dress and danced for the emperor. the emperor of china invited her to enjoy his opium with him,and so they did on satin cushions.
splinken if these are the salad days, those were the cake days.

back when i was fourteen, back in the cake days, i knew this kid who made a lot of money one weekend selling opium.

as it turned out, the opium was fake.

i had heard of a lot of fake weed stories--it's easy to pass oregano off as something else if you're selling it to some hep-cat fifteen-year-old subarbanite.

but fake opium? now that's using the old noggin.
startfires blue like water
blue like heaven is all of the time
i'm all right
i'm just gagging on all the allright

i'm so happy
so happy
i'm in heaven yeah heaven
oh the season's come for opium
Paragraph Sitting here all alone,
The harsh white light dialating my tired eyes, and I take in your words, written in that pen so distinctly yours.
I miss that smell of your room. (and that damn creaky piece of funiture)
I wonder: do I actuallly take you for granted or am I just being me for wondering?
I have all these great plans of how to surprise you by being there.
But fuck them for not making themselves come true!
I need you here.
I'm weak without you in my arms.
(it's times like this, taht if I didn't have you, I would throw myself into traffic.)
deb i'm addicted, i admit
but to the sound of your voice;
the way you smile
as i step between you
and your tv
just to see how well
my distractions work...

i don't know what
i would do
if something were to
happen to you
and take that away from me~
you are the air i breathe
and without you,
be it here or there,
for eventually
(dear GOD! it's taking forever)
we won't have to worry about
conserving minutes
on your phone-
we'll only worry
that we're getting too much
of each other,
am i boring you?
but without you,
they might as well drown me-

i need you
more than i can say,
and as much as it hurts
as much as i wish
it was over and done with
(the wedding, that is)
i'll be content
(or try to be)
with the knowledge
that you ache for me
just as my heart aches for you

april isn't TOO far away
i suppose...
aeiou i liked it way too much. 010426
no reason swimming and shaking
softly dreaming
floating in waves
hands are waving

nostalgic nerve endings
long for new beginnings
trading endorphins for old basements
enkephalins for ex-boyfriends

and the past smells sweet
and i need a reason
as i reach the resin
"solid or semisolid amorphous fusible flammable"

the fire turns poppy red
catch a whiff of smoke
feel the warmth and
seize the dragon by the tail

hold your grip
keep your place
and inhale
acidshank i drew a picture of the opium junkie on my test once.
i read about them in TINTIN
fun fun
..... where can i get some? 041202
den over here ! 070516
Oh_So_Smelly He held a foot in each of his hands
Closed his eyes and rubbed the sides of his face against them
I know he kept the sheets on his bed the whole week
unhinged opium_resin

i don't talk to him anymore and he probably doesn't even notice, probably wouldn't even begin to guess why
what's it to you?
who go