Dafremen Open Skies(Angel Without Wings)
R. Dafremen

Seems to me
That the way to understanding has been tossed aside
Like the night falls on our dreams when we open up our eyes
Like hope can drain away to be replaced with lies
Lies like sugar-coated cyanide

A half a million pleasantries and painted smiles
Where the seething truth of what we feel burns all the while
Where the motives of our madness run the quarter mile
Running from the memory of our lives

Would have me believe the lies
I believed that you would be my open skies
Believing you that I could finally fly

Seems to be
The neverending story ruling all our lives
Like a broken record plays a verse a thousand times
Like the screams of childhood echo that we leave behind
Leave behind with the notions of a child

Would have me believe your lies
Thought that you could be my open skies
Believing you that I would finally fly

In my mind
Fly away
To a place
Far away
Leave behind
All I was
Just to find the times we spent were lies

Seems to me
That the time for understanding has been left behind
Perhaps it's for the best that we should let it die
Perhaps it dies for being over-analyzed
Dies for being viewed with open eyes

To believe the lies
Thought perhaps that you might be my open skies
Just realized
That dreams not you are what I need to fly

I believed in you and all your lies
Believed that I had finally found my open skies
Like an angel without wings that I could fly
Sailor Jupiter Black cigarette perched on
wind-dried lips
Open skies, warm drops
at my cool cheeks nips
Daddy daddy,what have you done?
You planted those seeds
and had to run.
Those hands pruned the dark
vines in me
that attract hurtful boys
to terrorize me.
Dreams dreams dark as the skies
and there's no comfort
in your eyes.
Even though you're here,
your still gone & so drones on
our sad song.
Days go by and
the sun shines through
but I still don't know
what the fuck I'm supposed to do.
Open skies hide my tears
as I puff on cloves
to calm my fears.
I'll get through all this,
I've been through worse.
It's just another lyric
in my messed up verse
CJ A man standing alone in the night. The night his friend the solitude his enemy. Time to dwell on his thoughts benith the stars. A cigerette and the night his only companions in the troubled seas of his mind. He thinks of where to go from here and what he is going to do. Many wrong turns he has taken on his road has led him hear. Can he find his way back home to his happy life his peaceful life. Is it possiable to take a different route to get where he wants to go. Is home where to go or is there a new place that would better suit him. Untill the time he finds where to go there is the night open to the sky. Showing thousands of twinkeling stars for he is far away from the lights of home. Would you dare to help him to show him your path or would you leave him alone fearful of leading him astray from his destination? 020604
yummychuckle shutters tossed aside
because they would never need to be used.

shadows wouldn't be so sad.

day would be friends with night.

and there were always shooting stars to wish on.
what's it to you?
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