melvinwang a great tea which keeps me up right now even after 24 hours without sleep 010506
oh pee um for tea, i prefer earl grey or a good chai.

but to reproduce this effect of no sleep, a good sympathomimetic amine works wonders.

crystal meth is quite harsh, but pseudoephedrine just doesn't do the trick, so what's in between ?

methylphenidate, intranasally insufflated, of course.
mer I take my pills with oolong tea.
Cant think of any other way I would like to start my high, than with some chinese fortune tea...
Child of The Federal Reserve System An oolong swirl
Sparks me
The steam I see curl
Draws me to this tea

Liquid mirror of my soul
Heat awakens emotion
Faint scent makes me whole
It ripples with each motion

Draw strength and clarity
From each breath of incense
Restores my insularity
End of pretense

Whisps of purity
Slowly climbing higher
Put asunder obscurity
Sets my mind on fire

A single taste
Final peace
My fears erased
Pain must cease
what's it to you?
who go