kermits_perfect_rainbow_/^\ if i could have one perfect day, it wouldnt be a life without wars or hate or pain, because then what would we work for. my one perfect day would be lawfree 24 hours with a machete offing everybody who has fucked my life up once again. 040229
ambermoon there will be no more pain and there will be only bliss.
one perfect day i will feel nothing for you.
my life as i know it will no longer exsist.
one perfect day i will die and you will go on without me.
ferret ..i woke up and there was someone next to me... 040229
Yea! Ferrets not dead! 040324
smurfus rex there was one perfect day when she was all mine.

and then, with the slightest whisper of a puff, she broke free, and has drifted slowly away ever since.
SpAz MaN one_perfect_day
StrawberryxGash Just one is all I ask for. When I can dance in the middle of a storm, and feel the lightning striking the ground around me. The thunder resonating through my body. I'll be alone in an open field, and then you'll come, and you'll hold me, and tell me you love me. All we'll stand there and watch the storm around us, the rain trailing down our faces. And we'll kiss. our lips will meet softly, and cling. your taste will fill my mouth, and I'll lean against you again. Safe in your arms.
And it will be a day when I don't have to worry about the scars all over me, and inside me. When lonliness doesn't surround me, and choke the life out of me. When I smile and sing and dance, and not once do my thoughts return to the knife that is always in my purse, always right beside me.

One perfect day.

It will never happen.
??? * what_is_perfect * 040502
pigeon i think i have only had one perfect day in my entire life. it was a day spent with the man i love, his child, my best friend, the man she loves and their child. we went to the park. we went hiking, and swimming, cooked out on a grill, played games with the kids. at the end of the day we sat on the dock and watched the boats sway with the waves on the lake. we watched the lightening flash high above the trees behind the hills. it was beautiful. it was one perfect day. 040808
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