unhinged i wish i had a cuddle_bug closer by 070328
hi hello...

last night i saw a car... it went really fast past me straight down a one way street...

do you think he was in a hurry to get tho th emoon or something ?

oh it's not sunny today though.. and my mum si stressing me out a little...

Ouroboros i'm glad i have a bike to ride along the beach to catch the bus to work 070328
famous autronat oh good... they don't have beaches on the moon do they ?

it's just a shame what a mess us human beings have done to this planet... it's enough to want to leave the planet.

i hope things change sooner rather than later.
unhinged cloudy_days

yes, i am still in desparate need of a cuddle_bug ; i hugged him so tightly and closely the other night that i think i surprised him.

i'm really not a cold prickly. i swear. deep down inside, i'm a really warm fuzzy cuddly.
jane in tomorrow i see no promise
& yesterday was like_today

sissy and i'm a mirror that breaks in your face. 070529
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