sigurd always the last to hear, to see, to listen, to feel, to love, to tell, to find, to abtain, to be found... Always the last one standing 010205
Miner Last in the group, yet just as necessary as all involved, strange how something so simple in idea an aplication has easily become the most powerful invention ever created by humans. 010501
a wall of solid noise A fragment of an idea, broken off and lost in my head, not alone but more persistent than most.

"Any dog can become an alpha, but omegas are born. I don't know why this is, but it is, so there must be a reason for it."
andru235 the fashions of the alpha male
leave us omegas looking pale
yet when all has come to an end
only omegas can begin it again!
st_louis_ordinals on beyond infinity 051109
larch_of_infinity Stellar Engineer. 071020
what's it to you?
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