tree monster i can count the number on one hand
one two three four five
you said your dad and your dad's dad were both alcoholics
sometimes i feel like everyone i know is an alcoholic
but in that moment i wished i could have taken it away
i wished i could have had the right words to say
i know how you feel i know how you feel i know how you feel i know how you feel
but perhaps i'll give it time
and my heart will slow down
and my arms will stop shaking
and my eyes will stop twitching
and we can both reflect on everything and everything that is not something and the sun will beat down keeping us warm inside
tree monster at the knock on the door i swallowed my breath and opened the door

oh damn it's the police


of course we've all been drinking and they probably know it. but they come in and look around, none of our cups or water bottles were contaminated. but there were beer cans and shot glasses i don't know why they let it go. we said it was his roommate and they believed us. they left and i almost felt like crying.
tree monster and sometimes i make mistakes
we make mistakes
it was oh so nice
only i wished it wasn't you
and i'm so glad it's mutual
i was so scared
and i'm holding my breath
maybe i'll feel better tomorrow
Lemon_Soda Blessed or damned? Blessed or damned?

All in your point of view...
what's it to you?
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