ClairE You know it. 011221
god did i wink? thinking of this i am.
spree of fundamental life.
falling_alone _ i'm dyyyiiinnnnnnng
_ i'm dyyy-ying
_ i'm dyyy-yyyyy-yyyy-ying
_ i'm dead
Mandijabster i dont get it db9 040531
falling_alone its from godspell... 040601
witchesrequiem 3 years and this is all we have here?

people say oh God every day! this is pathetic.
anne-girl so it's either a sarcastic
"oh god, what an idiot"
which really doesn't mean anything in terms of god, it's just jesus_as_profanity
an expletive

but it's more interesting in the context "oh god why hath thou forsaken me", implies a certain amount of desperation or at least sincerity in an attempt to communicate directly with god
dramatism or whatever

or in the same vein it works pretty well as preacher-speak which similar, but not really at all the same thing
sonorously proclaiming "oh god almighty, creator of the heavens and the earth, we
dedicate unto thee this holy..."
which is why i used to loathe praying out loud... (specially in a circle, popcorn-prayer & stuff) i always found there was a sort of implicit judgement of everyone else's prayers involved... i never quite knew what to say, what was politically correct, preferred to talk to god in the silence of my own head

and now this blathe is longer
peyton it tears at me so much 051112
what's it to you?
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