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werewolf "all of my love, all of my kissin,
you don't know what you've been missin,
oh boy, oh boy,
when you're with me
oh boy oh boy
the whole world can see
that you...a were meant for me.

stars a fall and the shadows start a callin, you can hear my heart a callin,
a little bit of loving makes everything alright, i'm going to find my baby tonight.

all my life i've been a waitin, tonight there'll be no hesitating oh boy."
belly fire I wondered out loud what it would be like to let go of our long-time friendship. I wondered if it was possible. Maybe I left first, but only physically.
Meeting your friends will only remind me that you weren't there for me when my world was smashing to pieces. You left me long ago.
Oh boy, how will it end.
what's it to you?
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