daxle very small kitties
nacho cheese
loves with cutenesses
sex (at certain times of the month)
2-3 year old kids
all things sparkely, translucent, irridescent, holographic, glow-in-the-dark
emily brand stuff
silentbob words
spaghetti noodles in sauce
cans of coke
sleeping with girls
movie quotes
tara reid
blather probably
gwyllynne *lemons
*boys that I can get to call me Daddy
*body mods
*combining as many perversions as possible at once
*reaching the next spiritual level
*pushing myself furthur than I thought possible
*did I say lemons?
startfires see favorites 001207
Rhin *sensuality
*movies (500 & counting)
*music/singles (432 & counting)
*music/boxes (46 & counting)
*music/anthologies (21 & counting)
*Chinese food
*books (250 & counting)
*bottled water
*veggies (esp. pickles)
*Bath & Body Works
*anything eclectic &/or tribal
*Jelly Belly jelly beans
*Earth/environmental protection
*defending animals from their abusers
*animal rights/endangered species
*exploring our planet
*space explorations
*mil. aircraft/fighters
*my personal space, or lack there of
*shoes (65)
*Nat King Cole (greatest swing pianist)
*my real job (70-75 hrs. a week)
*graphics/web design
*profiling serial/sociopathic murderer's, (spec. researching traits that distinguish)
*behaviorism (spec. range: 0-18)
*live hockey games
*giving 100%
*the hands of a man
*rainy days
*a man wearing flannel, jeans, white T, boxers, or tightie whities
*loving 100%
*trying to please everyone
*organized chaos
*going, going, going 24-7
*blather (you're my diary)

(My soul interrupts...)
Dear Self, take it easy! You certainly know how to relax with the best of them, but you can't possibly do/have/need everything! It's a one to one, where you still need a little work!
grendel *cooking (especially Chinese and Italian food)
*concerts ( see: bands_ive_seen )
*music (325 CDs 150 cassettes and 20 vinyls)
*having long conversations about nothing in particular.
*writing (99 pages worth of typewritten novel, still needing to be edited and still in progress)
**the following women from most recent to first.
**brooding over the aforementioned.
**working overtime to take my mind off of brooding over the aforementioned.
**consumrtion of fair quantities of alcohol when all else fails.
**Portofino brand ice cream (especially the black raspberry swirl with the bits of dark chocolate mixed in)
**trying to find a good deal on a replacement saxophone
**web design (so i can get a promotion and a bit of a raise from my current position and make my obessive workaholic nature pay off)
**my playstation
**finding a decent recipe to make hawaiian orange chicken
**live hockey games (home of the WHL champion Mustangs and former IHL champion Roadrunners and of course regular first round victims, the Coyotes)
**Tarot Cards
**Illustration (see above...completed 40 of 78 tarot illustrations to create my own deck)
**using my knowledge of forensics to cover my tracks when i'm being naughty
COLDandBLUEkitty. being strong
clean socks
smokey treats
my car
the pink panther
the algonians [ask anyone around here]
the fucker.
saying the words: retard, mofo, fuck, and lots of other words i can't think of now that people decide to steal and use them as their own when in most cases i started using the word. or something like that.
fuck it.
silentbob cold and blue kitty's tshirts 001222
bluedaisy33 the number 3 weird huh??? 010328
She -Journals; so pretty, so blank and just dying to be filled.


-Boy_of_the_day, currently: Jake

-Movie Lines

-Flogging Molly

-Going to the gym

-Work, Overworked and underpaid, but what can a workaholic do?
sometimes is never good enough food
the lion king
turn the page wash your hands, turn the page wash your hands
keeping clean
wanting a friend
Torn by NAtalie Imbruglia
Princeton Hospital
an elder god
a bald, amputee maniquin
and the weather.

as obsessions go,
not a bad mix
lou_la_belle cats
smiley faces
kissing (yes its true!)
chocolate milk
and a guy named eric :)
ya thats about it...
what's it to you?
who go