unhinged when i tell people in seattle i moved here from wisconsin a certain number of people always respond "oh that's in the midwest. that must have been a nice place to live' cause there's this misconception on the coasts that people are nice and wholesome and welcoming in the midwest.

milwaukee is the statistically most segregated city in america. i swear i am not exaggerating. after the 2010 census they compiled statistics like racial distribution and milwaukee was number 1. they made these color coded maps to show the statistics and it was sick how exact it was. there was no little pockets of color comingled like some of the other cities. the northside of the city was yellow, the southside was red, and all the outerlying suburban type areas were blue.

yellow = black
red = hispanic, mostly mexican
blue = white

the blue along the northside of the city was rich, republican, and shopped and got their hair done down in chicago.

the blue along the southside was poor, probably didn't even bother to vote, and sported mullets (yes even in 2011 you could see raging mullets on the southside in milwaukee )

oak creek is on the southside of milwaukee.

there are some small pockets of asians and middle easterners in wisconsin. from what i can gather, they centrally located their sikh temple in oak creek.

some crazy neo_nazi skinhead militant white supremacist walked in their temple in the middle of a sunday service and shot 6 people before he also got shot.

while this disgusts and saddens me, it does not surprise me. that is a prime example of why i'm glad i left wisconsin. one of the most racist goddamn states not in the deep south.

wholesome my ass
unhinged .

if scott walker becomes president our democracy is truly broken to gerrymandering and money in politics. i left wisconsin because within the first three months of his governorship i lost 25% of my business. read that conservative douchebags. scott walker did not create work for me. he took it from me by cutting the paychecks off the people that paid me so that i became expendable. i moved thousands of miles away in part because of that lost work.

if scott walker becomes president, i need a canadian husband
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