Aster She tried to sweeten her life with artificial substances to make the days more bearable. Soon, she discovered that using sugar is better, because it's real. 010427
TalviFatin Ok. My grandmother must use this stuff instead of real sugar because she's Diabetic. But ya know, this stuff can make you more idiotic and feather-minded. Theres a chemical that deteriorates the brain and normal functioning. Its showing every day in her. 011026
pure cane granulated birdmad aspartame degrades into formaldehyde somewhere along the line 011026
june Why is it being used if it is so bad?

So l i k e my b r a i n is m e l t i n g?
bird aspartame only degrades into (very low level amounts of) formaldehyde after prolonged exposure to warm temperatures (above 85F) other than that, the only other breakdown it is subject to would render products containing it obviously undrinkable on first taste.

the meme that aspartame is some insidious menace lurking in the products that use ti waiting to poison you almost always seem to come from someone advocating a sweetener derived from stevia

personally, now that i can't have sugar in any considerable volume anymore, i prefer sucralose (Splenda)

it really does taste a hell of a lot better than saccharine or aspartame
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