monadh i am beginning
a new day
i will winter these roses over
boots i will the standard bear
my dreams will be mouths
filled with spring mud and summer
flowers i will burn
into the woods of my body
monadh i left you
in search of december
january brought the north sky
they say february is returning soon

winter perpetual
hangs an icicle vision
i watch angels making snow

there is a cloud
growing on the mountain
werewolf he always liked girls who were a little quiet. ones who would watch things with him, touch his arms or his hands or rest her hands on his knees or shoulders. he liked to watch movies or play board games or just sit. he didn't like girls who wanted to discuss his secret sadness or say the things everyone thought but no one said. quiet girls seemed more honest. when people talked about it, it was as if they thought they could actually explain it to another person, or actually make it better or worse just by talking about it. and that's why he liked quiet girls the most. they seemed to understand, like he did, that just sitting next to another person was often the most that could be said. 040128
from now on you are barely here 041105
nom) i am almost there 051027
what's it to you?
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