stork daddy the fighting irish is such a culturally insensitive stereotype. it totally implies that irish people are quick to fighting and rowdiness. i'm irish and i find the idea that we want to fight all the time offensive. just the thought of it makes me want to punch someone in the face. 040411
pete our lady. i read today that the immaculate conception for catholics was not that of jesus, but that of mary. can anyone confirm it *is being lowered to earth, wanting to fly higher* 040411
Insty Gator yeah, storky, fuck em up somethin' good.
did you hear what he said about you, man?
stork daddy ah and i just got these teeth fixed too. oh well, you can always get new teeth, but there's no replacing lost dignity and i'm not about to let some shit eating grinner from across town come in here and talk down to these fine people who are my friends and me. 040411
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