pathwrat i used to watch the pretty girls write the names of all the pretty boys on the back of thier notebooks. They would try combinations, you know, first and last and all.(ways) Then they would break up with the guy and then mark him off. he'd be this pink or green name with hearts dotting his eyes and then just as quick he'd be marked through thoroughly with a sharpie. obliterated. 010125
silentbob i have more than 10 full of poetry
a lot of them sound the same
sometimes when i'm feeling particularly wordy i don't have a notebook on me and i have to scribble chicken scratches on napkins
how terrible
chanaka the single most important possession i own 010125
misstree have 7 in the works, various forms of journal and poetry books... each one has a different flavor, has shaped my writing by what it asks to have written in it... i think blather could qualify as an eighth notebook... certainly draws its own type of words... 010126
birdmad yes, yes!

the words right out of my head and right off the tips of my fingers (as opposed to right out of my mouth and right off the tip of my tongue)

my blue notebook

pathwrat i'm sitting at work with 14 notebooks full of poims from my youth because my wife hates them so much, and i mean to get rid of them, but first i want to save all my pretty children. I'll throw the ugly ones away. 010209
black-dyed gel product the first notebook I filled with lyrics was labeled:

[my real name]'s Ideas

CrAzYpInKmOnKeY i always get mine out
wanting to write something
but then
i think,
what did i want to write?
CrAzYpInKmOnKeY artistic expression is so hard 020607
little fury bug
my notebook...filled with secrets, and lyrics, rantings and ravings, pictures, doodles, words....

i hate to call it my seems too cheesy. the word just conjures up images of teenage schoolgirls in their bedrooms, with boyband-poster-plastered walls, writing about how hottt (with three t's of course) joe, or john, or bobby, or peter is.

notebook...a book to take notes in...sheets of paper bound together by string and glue and a cardboard covering...comes in all shapes and sizes...just aching for you to write in it.
kerry composition notebooks all the way baby. everything else seems too... i dunno. not me. composition books are reminiscent of Harriet the Spy, that same old lingering secrecy confined to the blue lines.
and i have 17 and i am about to have 18. all of them collaged, all smudged and worn, so many of the poems sound the same. random words, definitions to cool words, drawings, lyrics, pieces of stories, quotes, ideas, poems, but no names. not ever. i musn't give away my thoughts entirely.
cube I carry a notebook of sorts - a dayplanner. I've come to regard it as an indispensable tool. I'm amazed at how many details i can forget if i don't take the time to record them. Client requests, billable hours, component specs - the myriad of details that flash by us on any given day...
god i like to draw futuristic race cars on mine 020619
god and fighter planes too. and names of bands i like, like stryper. 020619
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