marked I know you're striving for a reaction. and if you're not, then you're lying to yourself.

well, actually, I do have enough of my mind left to discern that 'cunt_snot' and 'dick_sucking_101' aren't actually marked by me. perhaps if you were a little more subtle... but.. no.. I couldn't expect that, could I?

Please do continue, it reminds me why I started doing this, and I didn't really expect you not to retaliate.

Of course, this is exactly what you wanted, or perhaps it was more a "please stop, why are you doing this, don't you... blahblah" thing you wanted.
Whatever.. either you or I will get bored eventually.
the above. I sometimes forget whether I marked it, or you did. is it just me, or have you been marking... nicer... blathes lately (or perhaps someone else has started, too)

ble. no matter:)
... i'm part of the marx brothers 031123
:) oh i see. 031123
what's it to you?
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