andrea i've gotten to the point where i don't
believe what most men say.
whose fault is that?
i can't allow myself to let go
or lose control at anytime.
i'm scared of these sugar-coated threats
& super-cushioned blows
some have to offer me.
why aren't i able to just let
lose my inhibitions & wander
free with no limitations or strings
or weights to hold me down?
why should i be punished for
his sin, mistake, or whatever
the hell you want to call it?
he isn't living life alone.
isn't second guessing the words that
come out of the mouth of the
person that he loves.
the bastard, why isn't he suffering
as much as i am?

copyright 2000
WingedSerpent again
and again.

repeatedly gravitating to the same type and enduring the same fate every time with little or no variation

and the ones who you mistreat without thinking, will in turn become the type who mistreat you
emily ...even though i always tell myself "no, not again...i will not do this again...", i always end up doing exactly what i didn't want to do...why is that??? 000531
corvus mortis "...I know what you did/
how you did it/
and, uh, who you did it with

So you might as well
Plead Guilty
'cause you sure can't
plead the fifth"

(eye) hate U
Dave Matthews 'Scuse me please.. one more drink
Could you make it strong 'cause I don't need to think.
She broke my heart my Grace is gone.
Another drink and I'll move on.

One drink to remember and another drink to forget.
Help me find the strength to find another love like you.
One drink to remember and another to forget.

'Scuse me please.. one more drink
Could you make it strong 'cause I don't need to think.
She broke my heart my Grace is gone.
Another drink and I'll move on.
Aaron it's the same thing, AGAIN, i wake up check my email, eat, go to work. and i work at a factory. i do the same thing all day long. put a roller on the lathe strip the rubber off sand it down, then take the roller off, and do it again. after 8 hours i go home and do one of two things after i shower. watch a movie or check my email and blather. a bad day starts like this. i wake up and my body, mind and heart all scream NOT AGAIN! 000808
Toxic_Kisses Blather seems to have gone White!
every time I klick a link theirs nothing but the blinding white looking back @ me! I wasen't here the last time it happined but I hear the same thing was going on not long ago.

UGH!! some body FIX this!!!
newme the urge to disappear entirely 040731
once again ALWAYS again. 040731
czmember but it still is again and again.... 040731
a "point" Over_and_Over 040731
Lyrics "Over and over and over and over again now
Calling and over and over and over and over again now"
Why not ? 040731
blackwidow i'm off. 040731
three words ah not_again crucial_situations 061011
unhinged i am fluttering over a boy that's probably not worth my flutters. on_the_other_hand we are getting to know each other.

he seemed just as excited as i was about the meteor shower (that we didn't get to see cause it was cloudy here). we slow danced in his dining room and he stepped on my feet. like put both of his feet on top of mine. we sang and played the piano together. he practically ripped my shirt off but his hands never came anywhere near my pants. i think he likes hugs and cuddles as much as i do. he made me coffee in the morning, even though it was decaf.

i feel seriously smitten, but this time the feeling brings some serious weariness along with it. on_one_hand he doesn't seem very interested since i haven't heard from him. on_the_other_hand maybe he's busy. oh lord. *sigh*
z curiously enough, the only thing that went through the mind of the bowl of petunias as it fell was oh no, not again. many people have speculated that if we knew exactly why the bowl of petunias had thought that we would know a lot more about the nature of the universe than we do now. - the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy - douglas adams 091023
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