webscraps I used to drive down the long highways, throwing tomatoes out the window yelling, 'Hooray for the spicy chipmunk!' 020306
reitoei i've always wanted to send a bronzed artichoke to nicaragua. 020306
webscraps If a chicken and a half can lay an egg and a half in a minute and a half, how long would it take a monkey with a wooden leg to kick all the seeds out of a dill pickle? 020307
paste! i'd give the monkey 2 minutes, but that'd depend on its enthusiasm...jesus christ, now i'm starting to TALK like a corporate asshat.

SAVE THE NEOLOGISTOCRACY! moo and decancer and shark gold, in addition to the panels that we discussed, after trekking, in the heat of cattle ranch #4, the good one, the finer ranch.
nooooo reason ooh. orange-flavoured, please.
first place.
then what?

it wasn't until i rubbed it in that it became green, but it still didn't turn me into money.
pay with me. play with me. pay and play with me.

things that end in chouffle are refined
yeah i'm gonna end in chouffle one day yer gonna see
better watch it i'm gonna be such a big star yer socks are gonna be blowed off
ok bye, you.

sometimes it's easier to be not me.
i could be a robot.
i wonder whose robot i'd be.
i'm not a robot.

aw, 's all gone.
anne-girl a popsicle made out of nonsense 051020
bsc nonsensical. 051020
no reason yeah. but like anne-girl said, it's a nonsense popsicle. i should know, i just ate an orange one. 051020
andru235 mmmm...i just LOVE nonsensicles!

not that this comes as a surprise to anyone.
andru235 "'s a popsicle made out of nonsense..."

i hope i remember this for a long time.
somebody indeed, i think of it often 080106
what's it to you?
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